Summer Thornton creates stunning unique giclee limited edition prints

My love for colour plays a large part in all my design work. I want my pieces to be uplifting and captivating. I was inspired by my move to our lovely 1930’s house. I wanted to buy some art work for my home, but just couldn’t find quite what I wanted. So I decided to start painting myself. My love for animals sparked off my first print range ‘A Summer In the Wild’.

Using watercolour ink is important to me, as I feel the nature of such a medium makes the work appear magical and illuminated. Painting with it comes very naturally to me, having been taught from a very young age by my much loved auntie & uncle who were both artists. I enjoy the limited amount of control you have; those ‘happy mistakes’ as I call them, make the piece individual and free.

Please contact me if you have any further questions and I will be happy to help.

Love, Summer Thornton.


I am an artist-illustrator and a mum to my lovely little boy Hudson who makes everything I do so worthwhile!

After graduating in Fine Art at the University of Arts , Norwich, I worked as a set designer for the theatre before starting my career as a Illustrator and Designer. I acquired my first studio in “the wilds” of Norfolk, on the top floor of a beautiful watermill. This is where I gained inspiration to create and develop my illustration portfolio. After heading for the bright lights of London, I set myself up as a freelance artist in a Victorian warehouse. My surroundings are very important to me as my love for the arts is combined with a love of interior design.

I now work out of a lovely bright studio in Clapham, South West London. After 15 successful years in in the industry, highlights include winning two of the most prestigious greeting card design awards, I now create these unique limited edition prints.

I love what I do and I hope this shines through to you!

Summer Thornton